If you are facing issues while sending emails from your Verizon account then it is a common issue with most of the email clients. This issue can arise because of using incorrect IMAP/POP server and port settings for your email application. To resolve this issue you need to correct the IMAP/POP settings and for this purpose, you can call at the Verizon Email Customer Service Number.

Given below are some of the steps which can be undertaken to correct the IMAP/POP server settings in order to resolve the email sending issues with Verizon email client:

1. Firstly, you have to search for the IMAP/POP server and port settings of your Verizon email account. These settings can be found under the account settings menu in your email application.


2. After you have located the server settings, you have to verify the settings for the given points and make the changes if required:

* POP3 Protocol Server Settings

· Incoming mail server (POP3): verizon.net

· Outgoing mail server (SMTP): verizon.net

· Enable SSL encryption for the incoming and outgoing email server.

* Port Settings

· POP3: 995 SSL

· SMTP: 465 SSL

* IMAP Protocol Server Settings

· Incoming mail server (POP3):verizon.net

· Outgoing mail server (SMTP):verizon.net

· Enable SSL encryption for the incoming and outgoing mail server.

* Port Settings

· IMAP: 993 SSL

· SMTP: 465 SSL

3. After you are done rectifying the IMAP/POP Server settings as well as Port settings for your Verizon email account. Now you can test your email account is working by sending an email back to your Verizon email account. If you receive the email back in the fixed span of time then your email account is working fine. In case you received an error again while sending or receiving the email again, then you have to perform the troubleshooting little more. You can also get connected with Verizon Email Customer Support in case you are not able to find the perfect solution.

4. Check if the internet connection you are using is working aptly and there is no issue with it. Make sure the signal provided by the Wi-Fi is sufficient enough to send or receive emails from Verizon account.

5. Check the email addresses you are sending email to have been entered correctly.


6. Make sure there are no emails which are stuck in Outbox.

7. Check the filters you have created for your inbox as it can lead to the delivery of incoming emails in the wrong folder.


In case you are still not able to send emails from your Verizon account, then here we have a support team to help you with the Verizon email sending issues. Verizon Email Phone Number is the next available option to resolve all the issues with your Verizon email account. The technicians will help you in finding the apt solution for the issue you are facing with Verizon.

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